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moving July 27, 2011

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So ironically, when I decide it’s high time that I take this blog seriously and start posting again, we decide to move. Well, we’ve been talking about moving since probably late April, but it’s just now coming into fruition. M’s apartment lease is up at the end of July, so he’s going to move into my (very small) apartment so we can save some (major) money and then find the perfect place for us (hopefully) in September. It’s going to be stressful, and we’re going to be moving a ton of boxes within a very short amount of time, not to mention we’re not here for two weekends out of August to get settled, but I’m so excited to be taking this step with M, whom I love so much and am proud to call my boyfriend, and soon, my roommate.

It seems that finding the boy and the wish to move in together was the easy part. Finding an apartment is proving to be harder than falling in love, at least in Northern Virginia. Of course we have limits and needs/wants, but I honestly think we’re just looking for a basic 21st century apartment. Arlington, Virginia, however, seems to be stuck in the 1950-60s. Every apartment we love at first ends up not having one or more of the following: central air conditioning, washer/dryer units in the apartment, a kitchen that is big enough for two people to chop/prepare food in, a location within 1 mile to a metro, more than 2 windows. These things are all essential to our wishlist; these are the things we cannot sacrifice because it would be compromising too much. Sure, granite and stainless steel in the kitchen would be nice, hardwood floors would be amazing, and an outdoor space of some sort would be the best bonus ever. But really, we’re not asking for too much, and our budget is pretty high ($2000 total, all inclusive). Luckily, we have some hope as we’ve found some places that meet the basic criteria within the last couple of weeks. However, they’re all August 1st move in dates so we have to continue to hold out until that perfect one comes along.

We would not have found these places though if we hadn’t checked out I saw it on a College Candy post one day and decided to see what she was praising so highly. Best decision I could have made that day, or even that week. Padmapper pulls all the listings within your filters (we have things like Arlington, VA, under $2000, 1-2 bedrooms, but didn’t delve into too many details) from every source you can think of: Craigslist, Facebook, apartment websites,, etc. Sure, there’s a chance it could miss a listing on one of those sites, but we sometimes jump on Craigslist and the internet just to see what else is there; so far, I haven’t found anything worth looking at that it’s missed. It has truly been a lifesaver, and I really think it’s going to be the key to not only getting a place and being the first to email and nab a place that could be in high demand.

As for everything moving-wise, I’m sure I will keep this blog updated with the progress. Once we have all of M’s stuff into my 650 sq. ft. basement apartment, I might even take a picture or two of the wreckage mess.


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