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pondering: attire July 26, 2011

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My friend at work, G, always says that she’d rather spend her money on clothes to go out in and than what she wears work. I tend to agree with her, though my clothing spending budget has been severely cut since I started working (ironic, isn’t it?). When I first started working, I went on a bit of a spree, just to get some basic suits, a skirt, and some comfy flats to wear to the office. I thought I was good to go and that I would just layer in colored pieces. I was wrong, on two fronts.

First, our office is different from most. Those who have clients dress professionally (full suits), but do not dress as though they are selling themselves. Our company deals 100% with government workers or government contractors – typical D.C. We’ve been instructed not to wear clothing that is too brightly colored, shows off our arms, skirts above the knee, etc. Kind of typical, until you realize what those in the marketing/P.R. departments are encouraged to wear. Clothing that requires patterns, matching accessories, and super high heels. I long for those days, when my clothing matters and I have a reason to buy a $120 dress instead of the one I got from The Limited with my 40% off coupon (see below!)

I was also wrong about what I could wear because I didn’t seem to realize how quickly I could (and would) gain weight. Now, when I say I gained weight I mean vanity pounds that (hopefully) no one else can really see unless they see me in a bathing suit. However, it’s been enough to not be able to fit certain pants with tiny inseams or button down shirts that pop at the top two buttons. I was sorely mistaken that I could eat anything (and I’ve been so bored I took down a can of Pringles in a single afternoon… do not judge, I am past that now!), not work out… and somehow wouldn’t gain anything. Well, I was wrong, obviously, and I’m fighting back now. I want to lose the weight if only to fit into certain outfits again because I know how I used to get dressed – without worry or care, just tossing pieces on that I knew went together and not worrying whether the shirt fit or my stomach was folding over when I sat. Now I know how it is to want to lose 10 pounds, and how hard it can be working a full time job. I give credit to those who go to a gym every week. I hope with my new move (post about that tomorrow!) I will be able to get to the gym more and achieve those goals.

My point to all of this, of course, is that to make myself feel better about not wearing colors and not fitting into all the clothes I used to fit into, I bought myself a cute skirt and basic top on Friday. They had 40% off everything, so I went for it. I know other people have had similar issues with clothes and weight, but doesn’t anyone miss the days of wearing jeans or at least khakis to the office? A top that would cover all those not-so-nice-spots but wasn’t quite work appropriate because of the fabric or color? This is my first job that required me to dress (not for success) but as a grown-up human being in things like cardigans and close toed shoes. I’m just wondering what’s wrong with peep toes and a bright pink top with a cute pencil skirt? Is it too much to ask for?

PS – Having issues publishing this post with pictures. Gonna try a few different things, but otherwise, here are the links to the skirt and shirt (in black).

(Images via: The Limited)


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  1. I quite like that outfit. =) And I’m on board with you there for just about everything you said. Interfacing with customers sure makes for some creativity when getting dressed – not so much the “wander to closet, close eyes, grab articles of clothing” option. And I would so love to lose 10 pounds, just to get my wardrobe back.

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