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oh, apartment therapy… February 4, 2010

Filed under: Design — kekirkpatz @ 7:27 pm

All you interior design folks out there, don’t laugh at my honesty: I didn’t know what Apartment Therapy was until about a month ago. Sure, I’d gone to their site via some of my favorite blogs a couple times to see photos, but I had never perused it myself. Never become acquainted with the gloriousness that is AT. I mention this because I want to restrain myself, as I keep finding awesome pictures and ideas, from simply re-posting everything they put up, especially because it’s all so new to me. So please, take a gander yourselves sometime – and I promise, that’s my last promotion for them, though I can’t promise the name will never show up here again.

Today they re-posted a room they had taken a tour of a while back and gave instructions about how to make a sign that was featured in the bedroom. And WOW, I need to have a sign like this in my house:

I already know it will either have a City and Colour quote on it, or possibly this lyric by Joshua Radin and Schulyer Fisk: “Mess up my bed with me. Kick off the covers, I’m waiting.” Check out the entire post here, including the DIY instructions.


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