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designs i like: kitchen edition February 2, 2010

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Kitchens are where the heart of the family is, or so I believe. It’s where you eat obviously, but think about what that means. It’s where you start out your day with a cup of coffee and newspaper; it’s where you end up first when you come home with groceries in hand, starving and wondering what’s for dinner; it’s where you sneak in late at night for that one last cookie or scoop of ice cream before you can feel too guilty that it’s past bed time; it’s where family gathers during all the most important holidays. Others would argue that it’s the bedroom that needs more attention (and I agree whole-heartedly that most people in America pay attention to their bedroom last and that leads to… well, there could be more love in most Americans’ bedrooms, let’s just leave it at that) or that the living room is the heart of the household. And that’s why I fully promote open concept living room/dining room/kitchen houses. I think for most modern families, not having a formal dining room is a great idea because then they’re not wasting space for a room that they may use once a month or usually only twice a year – Thanksgiving and Christmas. That space could be used in such a better way – playroom for kid’s imaginations, office space for two to get work done more effectively or even as a zen reading room (don’t laugh… if you don’t have kids, it’s possible!) Anyway, I have a soft place in my heart for kitchens; below I list what I LOVE about the spaces and what I don’t care for so much.

Source: Mobalpa

Love: the orange color, especially the contrast between it and the light wood; natural branches, rug and fireplace (though a bit modern for my taste); open upper cabinets in the middle (possibly with frosted glass); low stools for casual dining; drop down hood over island

Not so much: light wood – I’m usually more of a dark wood person, but I guess the dark paint color above the cabinets kind of makes up for that; too modern with the wire chair and blocky, sharp lines; no artwork

Source: Mobalpa

Love (first picture): pop of green color in cabinets and accents (jars, bowls); dark wooden cabinets; stainless steel hood; sink faucet

Love (second picture): continuation of green on lower cabinets; wooden blinds on big, open window, that continue to the ceiling (I think?); low benches for casual seating vs. the more formal dining room chairs in the first; lighter floors with darker cabinets – something I didn’t think would really ever look that good; dark beams on the ceiling

Not so much: this one for me is more of a I don’t know that I would be brave enough to paint my cabinets a bright color like that – though, as you’ll see with the next couple pictures, it seems to be a trend with me

Source: Breathing Room

Love: again, the pop of color just makes me so cheery; love the butcher block island with the white (marble/granite/concrete?) countertop of the other cabinets; mosaic backsplash is awesome; hardware on the cabinets is modern and streamlined; window that opens up gives you fresh air and a great view of the yard while doing dishes; dark floors – this kitchen is big enough and bright enough to pull them off

Not so much: the copper hood – while I normally love copper, it’s just too much in this kitchen, as are the yellow accented appliances; possibly an example of too much color

Source: Breathing Room

Love: again, with the green, but this is a bit different – the tops of these cabinets all have frosted glass and wood surround to balance and match the floors; stainless steel countertops give it a very modern look; tile backsplash brings the two together in an awesome way – marrying them in the middle so as not to create a huge contrast and break up the space visually since it really isn’t that big of a space with that much natural light other than a door and window; not much I don’t like here except maybe an island or at least the chance to see the other side of the room and close up of the kitchen sink


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