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i want it. and i want it now. February 1, 2010

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How awesomely cute are these designs?

My favorite is the third one: I have always known it was you. For a personal reason it’s my favorite (of course), but I would LOVE to have it on a shirt, in cute script, for Valentine’s day. Or I could see myself in a red t-shirt with the “i love you because: __________” and fill it in with something cute with a sharpie for V-Day in NYC next weekend. Sigh. If only I’d seen these sooner. Check out the company’s entire collection here, and I’ll just keep dreaming about next year!


One Response to “i want it. and i want it now.”

  1. Rick Says:

    Thanks for the commentary and link!

    It’s totally not too late to order them for valentines day. They ship parcel post, which means 6 – 10 days in the US. You’ve still got another 48 hours or so…


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