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grammys February 1, 2010

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Everybody’s talking about it, so I guess there’s no avoiding it – the Grammys were last night. I was on Twitter during most of it and followed the Fug Girls live blog, so some of my comments have already been shared. From Pink’s Cirque-du-Solei performance and Lady Gaga’s outfits to Beyonce’s six wins and Mr. Colbert taking the Grammy from Kathy Griffin, there were a lot of surprising moments last night. To save time (mine and yours) here are just my top three Grammy moments:

1. Kings of Leon took Record of the Year! I don’t know the difference between Record of the Year and Album of the Year (which Taylor Swift won – see below), but they beat out Taylor Swift, Gaga and Beyonce to take home Record of the Year and damn I’m proud. They even offered to do shots with anyone who wanted to in the back which Green Day later gladly took them up on. Good for the Grammy people in giving the guys a chance last night. They deserve it after so many years of not even being recognized by radio stations or award shows.

2. Michael Jackson’s tribute was a let down. After seeing previous years when they went all out to honor someone with a Lifetime Achievement Award who made music back in the 40s when no one alive today watching the Grammys even knows who they are… well, we all know who Michael Jackson is/was. And giving him one song, with 3D graphics that only 2% of the people watching the Grammys could see because WE WEREN’T TOLD there was going to be a 3D show (trust me, I read a zillion blogs every day. I would have heard.)… well, I was disappointed.

3. Possibly the most heart wrenching thing I will ever type: Taylor Swift is overrated. Ok, so maybe some of you agree  because you never really liked her music in the first place. But I am a FULL OUT T-Swifty fan – see, we are even on a nickname basis with each other… mine’s K-Dizzle in case you were wondering. Anyway, I love her. However, I’m perplexed as to WHY she sucks so much live?! I saw her at the beginning of my senior year of college (Fall 2008) when she opened for Rascal Flatts. BOR-RING. She was off key then also and the entire concert felt completely contrived. People knew her songs (I knew them all by heart) but she would come to the end of the stage and stand with her arms up like we were cheering for her at that moment… when we weren’t… and then felt forced to cheer. Plus, she had these almost dance-like numbers with her fiddle-girl that were just plain awkward to watch. So while I agree that she writes wonderfully catchy songs, and she’s possibly the most gracious, humble and down to earth teen star we’ve seen in awhile (take note, Miley), I just think she needs to work on the vocals at bit. There were rumors flying around this morning that it was because of CBS’s sound… oh really, Taylor? Then why did Gaga, Beyonce and Pink ALL sound exactly like they do on their records but you, somehow… lacked? Also, as I mentioned earlier, she won Album of the Year. She didn’t deserve it, at least not for her vocals… Gracious Person of the Year? Sure. She dealt with that Kanye incident in a way Hollywood has never seen.  Album of the Year? Not so much when you can’t even keep your own song on key. Sorry, sugar.


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