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closets February 1, 2010

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How lame is this blog really going to be, you may be asking yourself… well, if you don’t like talking about closet space and organization, this may not be the blog for you. These things get me excited, no lie, and I find them beyond interesting. Let me tell you a bit about the house I’m moving into before we get into why I would need to talk about closets.

The house I’m looking into isn’t really a house. Well, it is, but I won’t be living in the house part of it. It’s a cute, small stone house in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C. (hence the name of the blog…) with a studio apartment in the basement. Luckily, the entrance is through a sunroom with tons of sliding glass doors, and the apartment has been designed to let all that light in, so it’s actually quite bright and not as dingy as some basements can be. When you enter the apartment, you’re immediately in the kitchen that houses the dishwasher, sink and only lower cabinets; I’m giving you the good and the bad, so you don’t think I’ll be living in paradise by any means. To the left is the bedroom, big enough for a queen, maybe king bed, with plenty of room for a dresser and end tables, but with no closet. If you keep going through the kitchen, you’re in the living room, the biggest room in the entire place. To the right is the washer/dryer, then the refrigerator (I told you there were some low points) and then the closest along that wall. The living space is quite large, and with some good design, it could easily house an office, good living space and a small kitchen table. The bathroom is in the left corner, across from the washer/dryer, and just has a sink, shower and toilet. There are stairs leading upstairs, but those are permanently closed off because the lady who lives upstairs, and owns the house, wants to give those living downstairs their privacy.

So that’s a brief tour of the place. As I continue to post on what I like, and especially when I finally move in – date is tentative, between April-June – I will certainly be posting on what exactly I’m doing to spruce the space up. Back to the title of this post though – closets. The main (only) closet is in the living room, and I know it’s not big enough. Not for storage of things, much less all the clothes I have. So I was relieved to see that this was an option:

I never would have thought of this option, but in this picture, having an open closet doesn’t seem half bad. I would probably limit it to pants and dress shirts, keeping things like slinky cardigans and out-on-the-town tops and dresses safe from outside dangers. But in the winter, it would be nice to have all of your coats out and ready to grab and they wouldn’t take up as much room in the closet since they couldn’t go in a dresser. Good to know the option’s out there and can be done tastefully – especially if you really have no other option.


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