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and so it begins… January 31, 2010

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To jump right in, I’m watching the Grammy’s tonight and will have some opinions on what outfits I did and didn’t like tomorrow. No, this won’t always be a fashion blog – this blog is about what I’m thinking about, actively doing and also what I’m wishing for in life. My hope is that this brand new blog (I’ve had many other blogs in the past) brings me happiness – my ideas will be more organized, I will be expressing myself and hopefully putting some of those four years in college English courses to good use (finally!) Things that interest me and could possibly show up on here include, but are never limited to: interior design/decorating, fashion, music, television, books, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles I’m currently reading, and of course my adventures while traveling.

At the moment, however, I am following Fug Girls on Twitter and their live blog that they do for every red carpet event. Can’t wait to see what Gaga, Taylor Swift and others bring to the red carpet table before even opening their mouths to sing.

P.S. – Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks? Kill. me. now. That woman sounds like a goat and will ruin everything my precious T-Swifty stands for.


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